One aspect of Memorial Day that is often forgotten is how much we benefit from the technological developments of our military. The sacrifices service men and women make to innovate and keep us safe end up driving our businesses and our lives. One example may be in your pocket right now: your phone.

Did you know the technology in your cell phone comes from the collaborative efforts of a number of Agencies. The US Department of Defense made advancements in touch technologies for single and multi-touch displays. The US Navy made great strides in GPS development. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is responsible for giant leaps in micro hard drive technology, micro processors, and voice assistant and recognition software. Government agencies were also involved in memory innovation, the development of the click-wheel, lithium-ion batteries, signal compression, cellular technologies, and the Internet.

This Memorial Day, as you pull out your phone to take a picture of your family member at the parade or maybe around a campfire, let this piece of remarkable technology serve as a reminder of the lives given that contribute to, not only our freedom, but to the luxuries and benefits of the advancements made by those brave leaders who have served and sacrificed for you and for me.

Happy Memorial Day!

We are truly grateful!