SONOS Father's Day Special

Sonos products have been a long-time favorite of ours. Sometimes friends and co-workers exchange laughs, stories, and facts about cars or sports. For us, it’s our music streaming and home entertainment systems. Our excitement about these products on a personal level makes it a pleasure to offer Sonos speakers to our customers, and we’ve found our customers love their speakers just as much as we do. We’re told how alive and full their entire house feels and how much they love the exibility to enjoy music playing throughout the house, then seamlessly transition to that same great sound as they watch a movie. Our response: RIGHT??? I KNOW!!!

Don’t take my word for it. Here are a few customer stories to check out.

This Father’s Day is a great time to gift the guy in your house with killer sound. Through our partnership with Sonos, we have a very special offer only available for a very limited time.

Place your order between Jun 4th and June 18th, and save big!


Sonos Play:1The Play:1 is the smallest speaker Sonos offers. A great way to get into Sonos and digital music distribution services, it’s a perfect fit for bookshelves, counters, and other snug places, but don’t be fooled by it’s size. The Play:1 packs a punch, and when paired with a second Play:1, and augmented by a sub, you’ve got a powerful system to fill a room with music. The Play:1 is available in both black and white.




Sonos SubWhen you pair a SUB with any Sonos speaker, you’ll hear parts of your music that you wouldn’t hear otherwise. SUB does all the heavy lifting required to deliver the low, low frequencies, letting your other speakers focus on perfecting
the mid and high-range frequencies. You won’t just hear the difference. You’ll feel it.

The Sub is available in both black and white.


The best way to secure your Father’s Day gift, taking advantage of this offer is to fill out our contact form or you can call: 574.268.CTSi [2874]