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WannaCry has been the buzzword in technology since news of the attack broke on Friday, May 12, 2017. Since that time, a second wave of WannaCry has spread across the globe. The latest estimate from the leading European police agency, Europol, estimates the malware has hit over 200,000 victims over 150 countries. The impact justifies the hype around this technology, and the hype can be a good thing and provides opportunities to educate and support businesses as they consider strategies to protect their business moving forward. Just last week, during a local Optimist Club (learn more about Optimist International here:, one of our staff who is a member of our local club, was asked to stand and give an impromptu overview of the threat. While not an item on the agenda, local businesses are wanting to know what’s happening, and more importantly, they want to understand their risk. “What can be done to keep my business safe?” This sentiment was communicated in the question that followed our brief presentation. The club moderator asked, “How many of your customers have been affected?” Proudly, we were able to answer, “None of our customers have been affected because we implemented strategies, tools, and resources that keep them safe.” 

Here are just two examples of how our PSA customers are protected from threats like WannaCry:

Cisco recently posted a blog article outlining how OpenDNS (now Umbrella) protects users. It explains, “Umbrella is blocking the domains that the WannaCry ransomware calls out to. All communications tied to this malware, including DGA domains and IP addresses, have been confirmed to be on our block list.” The author of WannaCry wanted the ability to shut down the harmful program at will by sending a simple message. For WannaCry to operate, it had to remain connected to know whether to attack or stop. Picture a virtual phone line installed to allow the program to get its instructions. It makes me think of the red phone in the old Batman film with Adam West. Commissioner Gordon knew he could count on the Caped Crusader. Imagine if he had tried to call out to Batman with the news that Joker had a plan to take down the city, but when he picked up the phone, and found the cable to the red phone had been cut. All hope would be lost and Commissioner Gordon wouldn’t know what to do. The analogy breaks down, so don’t think too hard on this, but that’s what Umbrella does on your network. It cuts the phone line for WannaCry, stopping all communication, confusing the program’s processes, and shutting it down before it can infect your computer.

While OpenDNS PREVENTS attacks like WannaCry from attacking your system, it doesn’t help with systems  that have already been infected. That’s why CTSi includes additional tools, like Webroot, to address existing infections and breaches. To explain Webroot, let’s update the Batman analogy. This time Webroot IS Batman. We’re not talking about the “POW!”
“ZAPPP!” “BIFF!” Batman of the Adam West vintage. We’re talking 2008 Christian Bale in “The Dark Knight.”  In the closing scene of the 2008 film, Commissioner Gordon describes Batman as the “Silent guardian, a watchful protector...” Webroot is YOUR Batman. It is an application that quietly sits on your device, utilizing the latest technology to closely monitor all activity, ready to spring to action should any nefarious activity arise.

Finally, CTSi enters into this superhero scenario. With CTSi, you have Commissioner Gordon on your side. He understands what is best for the citizens of Gotham. He comes with powerful allies to address the city’s needs. He supports and brings in just the right solution at just the right time. He’s the center of all things related to the health and security of all the citizens. That’s what we do for our partners. We understand what you want out of your technology. We have worked with you to craft a strategy that prepares for future growth and healthy operation today. We orchestrate and implement best solutions to move your business in the right direction. We monitor resources that support your success. We manage your system with predictive monitoring, installing the latest operating system updates when they are released to mitigate risk and keep systems running at their best. All of our customers received automatic updates once Microsoft responded to the WannaCry threat. Although we have powerful allies like OpenDNS and Webroot on hand, it never came to that. A current and secure system kept systems from the threat of attack.

We’ve got you covered. OpenDNS keeps any unwanted threats from coming in or going out from your network. Webroot is monitoring workstations for any potential threats, and acting when they pop up. CTSi keeps your system current and operating smoothly with additional services like Backup, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery that ensure minimum impact on your business regardless of what “Joker” comes along.

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