IT Security Services

Our world is becoming more and more cloud-based. While there are definite advantages to cloud services, with each new account a new password is introduced. That means one more set of account credentials to keep track of and, if you aren’t creating unique, secure passwords, one more potential security breach.

We feel your pain. We all need secure passwords for our many online accounts. We also all need a way to securely keep track and maintain those passwords. We all need a password manager. CTSi has partnered with Passportal to provide a secure password management tool not just for our use, but as a service we can provide to all of our managed services customers. This is something we bundle with our services to enhance how we can provide the very best support possible with professional security and convenience for your important account info. This new service will be rolling out shortly. If you are a managed services customer, we will be reaching out to let you know more details and to design your implementation strategy.

Just one more reason to partner with CTSi for your technology.