CTSi Signatures in macOS

CTSi Signatures in macOS

We recently announced our Ask A Technician tool on our website, and we wanted to share another new tip this month. Like our other posts, we create these posts based on questions that you ask us. We are always looking for ways to provide value to our customers, and we believe one way is with resources to help you answer daily questions you might have. As always, we love hearing feedback or other questions you’d like to see us answer.

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We released two Ask A Technician posts this month. The first addressed the recent security threats that hit companies around the world. We felt it was important to communicate the risk each company faces, not only in this round of attacks, but on an ongoing basis. It is an important post, and one we recommend you check out. Beyond the video we posted, we released a “TechTool” that is a guide providing critical steps businesses MUST take to protect against these threats. We believe companies and organizations who take proper precautions are safe, but it’s not an easy task. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

Learn what steps you MUST take.

The second release came as a response to a customer request. We developed a formated email signature and helped implement the signature on an Apple computer. It sounds like a simple task, but if you’ve tried getting your signature just right, nearly every mail application (both web-based or local applications) does it completely differently, and each has a different set of tools, requirements, and restrictions. Some popular email applications do not even support formatting beyond bold text and color, if you’re lucky. Additionally, mail providers often do strange things to formatting that make it very challenging to trust that what you see in your application is what the email recipient receives on the other end. We were able to help, and the signature looks great. We can do the same for you. Let us know if you have something particular in mind, and we’d be happy to quote the development and installation for you, but if you’re just looking to take your signature up a notch, this post is for you.

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And here’s a little extra tip. If you do not use the mail app, but maybe you prefer Outlook or even Gmail, you can go through the video steps up to the time-stamp 3:05. At this point, you have a .HTML file on your desktop. Double-click on that file to open it in your default browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.). Hit Command A or go to the edit menu and choose “Select All.” Now copy by clicking Command C or go to the edit menu and click on “Copy.” Now you can paste your signature in compatible email programs.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 1.21.54 PMOne little “gotcha” is Outlook on the Mac. When you paste your signature, you’ll see it remove your formatting, but there is a little clipboard that appears. Click on that clipboard, and you’ll see an option to “Keep Source Formatting.” Check that box and your formatting returns.



Now you’re ready to roll with your fancy, stylized signature.

We hope this is helpful information for you.

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