CTSi is proud to announce a new partnership with Bluewave

Bluewave is a Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephony solution designed specifically for Insurance Agencies. This partnership allows CTSi to provide our insurance agency customers with services that leverage the power of their agency management software with integrations into their phone systems. As a result, processes are enhanced, time is saved, and the overall customer experience is improved.

Bluewave is not a “one-size- ts-all” solution but is a solution custom-designed specifically for the insurance industry. It is built by professionals possessing deep experience in the insurance industry. And Bluewave has the traction needed to last; currently providing service to more than 4,000 agents across the country.

Here’s a success story from a Bluewave customer:

“All the recommended VoIP solutions out there were basically the same on paper but something about Bluewave stood out so we ew to Birmingham to see for ourselves. We knew what we wanted, decided it didn’t really exist with the other VoIP providers, so tasked Bluewave with creating a custom solution for us. They delivered everything we wanted as promised and on time.”

“What really makes us proud of our investment though is their knowledge of our business and telephony. They have taught us ways to redesign our business to enhance our customer’s experience we never dreamed possible. We now have big screen monitors in each sales room that have created an incredible level of positivity. It gives us a way for all sta to see real time performance and is driving teamwork resulting in substantial improvements in goal attainment i.e. number of calls answered, reducing queue time, wait time, and abandoned calls. Our customers are happier. Bluewave is and will continue to be an integral part of and partner in our continued growth.

- Ted Todd of Ted Todd Insurance - www.tedtoddinsurance.com

What this partnership means for CTSi

Our Insurance Agency customers have found a remarkable t with CTSi. The reason is agencies are looking to get in front of technology to find strategic benefits that will contribute to their growth. This thinking represents a shift away from the days of printed paper and ling cabinets into fully-integrated customer management, from marketing, through sales pipelines, to ongoing policy management and communication. Agencies who want to grow understand the need to centralize all of their data and resources, utilizing integrations, to improve efficiencies in order to succeed in an increasingly competitive market.

CTSi always works to find the right solution for each customer. Bluewave and CTSi have a strategic partnership that enables the very best services for insurance agencies delivered through a trusted IT partner, enhanced by a VoIP solution built to address the unique needs of the insurance industry. With this powerful combination of services, insurance agencies can more effectively leverage their technology to realize agency growth and solidify their place in the insurance market for years to come.