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Sure, we can take care of broken computers or build out a robust, secure network for your business, but what we REALLY LOVE is the opportunity to learn about your dreams and goals for your business.

For YOU, the business owner, it's in that supporting relationship where you receive the best value from your technology.

I'm a lead guitar player. Over the years, I've had many aspiring guitarists ask me how they can improve their guitar skills. In the conversation, there's an initial discovery phase that is necessary to really understand what they are asking, how serious they are, how much they have invested so far, and how hungry they are to improve. I'm never discouraged and I never think less of the folks who have jumped in, purchased a guitar, maybe an amp, and have sat in their room trying to figure out how to make this stick with strings create music. Often in the conversation, we discover they may have invested in ways that are in opposition to their goals. For example, they've purchased an acoustic guitar when what they really want to do is rock out with thick distortion and a wall of amplifiers. They didn't know what they needed and some guy in the local music store threw this guitar at them when they said they wanted to learn to play. They will never achieve their goals with this instrument, and that is a frustrating world to live in. Once I understand what they want, I can help them get on the path to success. That means work and maybe more gear investment along the way, but at least they know their next steps.

Many small businesses have this same problem. We all know we need "computers" to do our job. The staff at the local, big box store is happy to sell you "computers." Even that "IT Guy" down the road can keep your staff computers booting when they push the power button. So many businesses WANT to grow, but they are really just that kid sitting there with the acoustic guitar with dreams of becoming Slash from Guns n' Roses some day.

  • Does your technology partner know or care what your growth objectives are for this year?
  • How confident are you that your technology path is set to support what you want to become in 2 years? 5 years?

Sure, you can make great music on an acoustic guitar. That's the perfect instrument for some folks, but is it the right thing for you? Are you hungry to grow? Are you wanting something more out of your business? Are you that young musician who knows what they want to be, but just doesn't know for sure what gear is needed to get there? Is the guitar analogy not working for you? How about becoming a cyclist or a runner? Whatever your goals, you need the tools that will get you there. Not only could there be a delayed journey to success, but even the possibility of damage or injury as you prepare for your first marathon with the wrong shoes. You understand what I'm saying.

We've launched our Technology Business Management Conversations for small businesses who are HUNGRY! YOU WANT TO GROW! 

These are conversations about technology from the perspective of a business owner so you walk away understanding a little more about what kind of technology you need in order to reach your goals. How should you think about the data in your company? How can your sales team close more leads with the utilization of effective technology? What technological developments will help you elevate above your competition as you grow into your dream? The conversations alone won't get you there. The information will inform your drive and help you to identify partners who can implement and support your success.

We hope you enjoy these conversations and come back for more. I'd recommend you bookmark our Ask a Technician page where these conversations, along with helpful tips for utilizing your technology will be posted.

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This episode is the extended version of our conversation surrounding the recent Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities. While those issues have been addressed, and hopefully your systems have been patched, (if your technology company has not yet addressed this threat, DUMP THEM) the importance of understanding the ways your company can be at risk remains. Security threats like Meltdown and Spectre will only increase the more our technology moves to connectivity and cloud computing. It may be a future Business Management Conversation, but for now, enjoy our first episode where we introduce our Business Management Conversations and discuss these recent security threats.


David Grant
Digital Marketing Specialist