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Business Security
Meltdown and Spectre

With the launch of our first Business Management Conversation, we recognize that a broad conversation is just the beginning of the deeper business implications technology has on your business. As a business owner, you need to understand what your next steps might be. We want to help. One way we can do that is by following up on an initial conversation with a little more targeted information to help you along the way.



If you missed the initial Business Management Conversation on Business Security, here's the video:



Business Integration: Business Security

Business systems are always operating inside an environment. It's easy to miss how a business is often much more complex than people think. The tendency, especially when addressing technological issues, is to take more of a consumer mentality.

"If I purchase this tool, widget, or device, then all my issues will be fixed."

However, technology systems are much more complex and require effort to integrate the tools, widgets, and devices effectively into the broader environment. The reality is, building your business is more like building a house than purchasing a new phone or a washing machine.

There is both an art and science to a building. It is a process-oriented task. If you do the process correctly, you'll end with the building you planned for. Technology is the same way. If you run the process correctly, the desired outcome should result.

This newest threat and future discoveries of this kind is clear evidence of the systems and process nature of technology — the interrelatedness of the different aspects of the technology landscape. Everything is connected and dependant on the other pieces of your structure. Therefore, the approach needs to be process-oriented. Specifically, for the cybersecurity aspects, simply purchasing tools off the shelf will not provide as much value as participating in the process of structuring the system. The tools are necessary, but it is the correct process of building the house that helps ensure the desired outcome.

This is where CTSi shines. This is where we provide value.

We understand how to run the correct processes and deliver effective systems. Clearly, this new threat is over-turning assumptions about the security of technology. Tools might have flaws, which is why actively and effectively structuring the systems surrounding those tool is vital to success.


Zach Evans
Integration Specialist