Business Security
Meltdown and Spectre

With the launch of our first Business Management Conversation, we recognize that a broad conversation is just the beginning of the deeper business implications technology has on your business. As a business owner, you need to understand what your next steps might be. We want to help. One way we can do that is by following up on an initial conversation with a little more targeted information to help you along the way.



If you missed the initial Business Management Conversation on Business Security, here's the video:



Business Strategy: Business Security

Security topics such as Meltdown and Spectre introduced in our last session is, from our perspective, just another opportunity to reframe the conversation.

Ultimately it’s not a “technology” issue or topic. Yes, the technology piece MUST be addressed, but for a small business owner or key manager, the most important point to be addressed is the question of business impact. For example, if compromised due to a security hole, what might the real costs be for the following:

  • Downtime - Keep in mind the loss of time impacting a single user, multiple users, and the entire company.
  • Ransomware - If a breach includes ransomware, how much might I need to pay?
  • Clean-up - What will be the cost of clean-up?
  • Data Loss - If there is data loss, what are the labor costs to recreate it?
  • Reputation - How will my company be viewed once a breach is a public record?
  • Customer Confidence - Will my relationships with my clients be damaged?
  • Legal - If sensitive data is compromised, what is my liability?

Next, compare this to the cost of having the right technology in place from the beginning— including things like:

  • Maintaining equipment lifecycles that replace older technology with newer technology NOTE: Newer systems may have hardware “fix” already implemented.
  • Utilizing tools that keep the software on systems automatically patched and current - Tools that most MSPs have invested in and are knowledgeable in using.
  • Reliable image backups that can quickly roll back to a previous safe state
  • Reputable reactive antivirus/malware protection
  • Predictive DNS protection - Helps prevent staff from going to known “bad” places.
  • Advanced security services and practices including Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Strong safe passwords and practices - Along with a password management tool.
  • Staff awareness training - Keeping staff “street smart” on current phishing schemes.

While the preventative “costs” in the 2nd group will most likely be considerably less than costs associated with the 1st group, the real business impacts and benefits are things like:

  • Maintaining your edge as the leader in your field
  • Keeping your team safe and operating at peak efficiency
  • Continue exhibiting integrity and generating trust with your customers
  • Delivering the best experience to all that work with and for you -  Satisfaction.
  • Freeing yourself to creatively focus on what you do best (vs. dealing with tech issues) - Always have peace of mind that everything is properly protected.

What it all comes down to is, "What kind of business experience do you want to have?"

This is where CTSi is purposely and strategically different in our approach. Our job is to help you focus on results. We help you keep your head above the technology and stay fully engaged in the game. When this is where the business owner and key managers are living and breathing, technology business management is working for them, critical integration continues to function and the marketing message stays strong and unmarred. Everything is working as it should.


Timothy Poyner
Strategy Specialist
President of CTSi