CTSi Business Management Conversation


EPISODE 2: Utilizing Software To Grow Your Business

These are conversations about technology from the perspective of a business owner so you walk away understanding a little more about what kind of technology you need in order to reach your goals. How should you think about the data in your company? How can your sales team close more leads with the utilization of effective technology? What technological developments will help you elevate above your competition as you grow into your dream? The conversations alone won't get you there. The information will inform your drive and help you to identify partners who can implement and support your success.

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In this episode, we discuss a recent, CTSi News Release where we announced our status as a Microsoft CSP. While our relationship with Microsoft is exciting and has the potential to make YOUR life easier with a centralized partner to manage licenses and support in one place, we thought it would be more impactful to think through the impact of software on a broader level, beyond the specifics of the Office Suite and other Microsoft tools. Not sure what licensing and software has to do with growing your business? Check out the video above.