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Is Print Dead?


If you missed this Business Management Conversation on leveraging Print Management Services to grow your business, here's the video:



Print may not be dead,
But it can bore you to death.

Let’s face it, when you think about your office printers, the last thing that comes to mind is excitement.


Printers and multi-function devices are leftover remnants from the stone age of technology.


Or are they?


Unfortunately, the general mentality sees print and digital as opposing forces where one is the savior and the other is a necessary evil. Yet, what type of value might be created through leveraging each of their respective strengths?

Instead of assuming that digital means savings and print means cost, what would it look like to intentionally walk through the systems and processes of your business and position each technology piece — playing to areas of strength?


There are situations where a printed document or deliverable is required in the process flow of the business.

How can we more strategically leverage that step to potentially eliminate extraneous technology investments? A piece of paper can be less expensive than a tablet, as long as you get a good discount. How can we integrate printing into the flow to make it seamless, rather than interrupting the flow? What if my company had a process flow where information is entered digitally, then a printer quickly spits out the required documents for the hands-on tasks to be completed. Having a process where an employee simply monitors the printer can be simpler than trying to trigger electronic notifications to ensure that something isn’t missed.


Well-planned workflows can take the best of digital and print and combine them into the optimal overall solution.


What does this mean to you?

Don’t assume that going digital will equal better value than having printers. There are many scenarios where that is true, but there are others where a low monthly fee to service and supply a printer delivers far more value than investing in all the digital user interfaces points required to effectively carry out your business process. The process itself can potentially become simplified with well-placed printing steps. On the other hand, a process can be greatly hindered by requiring a printing step interruption.

Take the time to think through your process flow and consider how to best leverage technology (digital or print) in order to gain optimal value.

Better yet, contact us and we can help you walk through that exercise.


Don’t assume that “going digital” provides more value than “going integrated."


Zach Evans — Integration Specialist CTSi

Zach Evans
Integration Specialist