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sonos music and familyComing off of Father’s day this past weekend, I’ve had an opportunity to reflect on fatherhood. While Father’s Day is over, our role to care for and guide our family continues.

For those of us who are fathers, one of the life-breathing gifts we can give to our kids, and others in our lives, is the gift of relationship — not only in how we offer ourselves in that relationship but also how we teach, both directly and by example. We teach how to help others, believing that presence matters, and the importance of sharing our journey together. This requires sacrifices, both big and small, and is a part of what is celebrated each Father’s Day.

As fathers, we’re always looking for opportunities to encourage a joining together in a shared space. While people have different interests, hobbies, and traditions, music tends to be one of those universal things and has great potential for bringing us together. I find music to be an amazing way to bridge gaps and bring together even the most different of characters. On days like Father’s Day or even just those summertime family get-togethers, I find Sonos products to be helpful in bringing music to life, resulting in that connection that is so valuable.

To illustrate what I mean, here’s an interesting video from Sonos about music and connection.

When our family is together for holidays or other events, you can count on music playing from our Sonos system throughout our house. Our kids enjoy taking turns to be the “DJ” and play what is on their playlists. Interestingly, music seems to be the entertainment choice even above things like sports, TV or movies. For me, Sonos has become a valuable tool that supports the togetherness and enjoyment of my family.

If you’ve not had a chance to look at a Sonos solution for your home or office, I’d encourage you to investigate it. Sonos has created some great bundles to create a fuller 3.1 or 5.1 Surround Sound experience in a single room or wireless, multi-room setups. If you looking for a great way to continue celebrating your father, OR to bring your friends and family together, consider a Sonos speaker or bundle.

If CTSi can help—either as an authorized Sonos reseller providing a trusted source to purchase Sonos products or assisting with assessment, consultation or implementation of a Sonos solution—let us know. If you already have a good home network and Internet connection, a wireless Sonos music distribution is relatively easy to add. If you want a better network in your home of business and the right Internet connection, with better performance and reliability, we can help you with that too.

Although Father’s Day is over, our special is still good. It’s not to late to give the gift of music and connection this summer with Sonos.

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