The Wake-Up Call

The following is a true firsthand account of what happened when a company discovered its data systems had been attacked. Names and details have been withheld to protect the identities of the company and its employee.

“We had been lulled into believing that we were safe. There were long-held policies and procedures in place to protect customer information. Then came the day we received a letter from our bank alerting us that a major credit card company had opened an investigation. Our company was the common denominator to thousands of customers whose personal and financial data had been compromised.

“Panic spread through our office like fire. We had no plan in place and no idea where to run. We knew neither the type nor scope of this data breach. We were unsure who had been impacted, who was responsible, and what our liability would be. We had no idea how someone had gained unauthorized access to our systems. Our entire operation ground to a screeching halt.

“Even after we had regained our composure, isolated the infection, put new security measures in place, and restored our systems, the hard work had only begun. Now we had to engage multiple state law-enforcement offices and credit reporting agencies, and worse yet, we were obligated to tell our customers that as a result of the breach, they were personally at risk of further compromise.

“We later made the chilling discovery that the breach had occurred months earlier and had smoldered for weeks right under our noses. Hackers had leisurely skimmed transactions after gaining access through a phishing attack; an employee had apparently opened an email that looked official but wasn’t.”

Don't Let This Happen to You

If you have experienced a serious data breach similar to this one, you know that fear is warranted. Roughly 60% of all small to medium sized businesses that fall prey to such attacks do not survive the first six months following the breach's discovery. Implementing proper preventive measures and preparing a response plan in advance of an attack may mean the difference between your company surviving a serious data breach and becoming another statistic.

5 Critical Steps to Surviving a Data Breach 

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Kevin Carter
Marketing Manager
Creative Technology Solutions, Inc.