In 2017 we announced our partnership with Meraki and Metronet to provide a powerful, manageable network for the Kosciusko County Fairground.

If you are interested in reading the whole story, we'd encourage you to check it out.

Now, with two years of service and management behind us, we want to share the results. We've compiled interviews and stories from board members sharing their experience along with our team diving a bit more deeply into the value of the technology used in the network implementation.

The result is a highly informative "whitepaper" in video format.

If you are a business owner with any size network, your network should be working FOR you rather than against you. It should be safe and secure rather than pose a threat to your business. It should be accessible to you, your staff, AND your customers — providing only access to what they need, and nothing more.

If your technology company hasn't offered to help you with all of these requirements and you just aren't sure how your network stands up, this video is for you.

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