Yesterday we completed our 2nd webinar in our “Navigating Our New Reality: COVID-19 and Beyond” series.

Doug Thurber and Ray Gage from WalkerHughes Insurance walked through the current OSHA requirements and guidelines for small businesses as they begin reopening. Some time was also spent on reviewing Gov. Holcomb’s recent plan for reopening. The information was incredibly valuable and very well organized and presented. A re-watch on this webinar and having a copy of the slide deck would be extremely helpful to every small business owner.

I’m beginning to see a few common threads early in our series:

  1. Everything related to COVID-19 has been, currently is, and probably will continue to be a moving target. Facts, information, and requirements are changing on a daily basis. It’s difficult to keep up!
  2. We are all continually learning. We’re learning to do things differently. We’re learning how to be creative again. We’re getting smarter.
  3. Common sense continues to be the best rule-of-thumb. What makes sense? What does your gut tell you? But more importantly, actually DOING the things that you KNOW you SHOULD be doing.

I believe we’re going to see these as consistent threads throughout this webinar series.

We want to invite all small business owners to join us during this series. Sessions are scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday at 3pm with a different critical business discipline and expert advisor presenting each session.

Click here to see the webinar line-up and schedule for each focused topic—and to reserve your seat for the entire series and gain access to webinars in the series you may have missed.

Coming up next Tuesday, May 26th, is Gus Wheeler from LCPA Group who will be leading us through how tax deductions for small businesses can be advantageous for us, but we need to change how we think about it. I ALREADY know this is going to be great topic!

Come join us. Together we’ll discover better ways to share information and be safer and more productive as we move forward.