Gus Wheeler from LCPA Group led our focus yesterday in our “Navigating Our New Reality: COVID-19 and Beyond” webinar series.

Throughout these webinars, we are inviting an industry expert during each session to guide small business owners as they think through important topics related to reopening and moving forward successfully in a post-COVID19 world. Gus’s presentation, entitled “Changing the way we think about Tax Deductions,” challenged us to recognize how the pandemic has changed conditions on what “normal” is.

We really don’t know where we are all going to be in the coming months. This uncertainty requires small businesses to rethink what they are buying and paying for. Gus encouraged us to build relationships with key partners including bankers/lenders, attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, insurance providers, and technology specialists. He urged us to be doing this NOW and not wait until we experience a need. An interesting thought that Gus included was how marketing/advertising is going to be an important area to invest in right now—and many of these costs can be tax deductions.

Along with updates on topics such as the Payment Protection Program (PPP), Employee Tax Deductions, Employer Retention Tax Credits, and Employer Tax Deferrals, Gus encouraged small businesses to consider diversity, remodeling our businesses in the new reality, and looking at how we deliver products. A prime example of creative thinking was guest Charles Koch, a restaurant owner hit hard during the pandemic, who found surprising success in changing how they delivered product. A story worth hearing!

We want to invite all small business owners to join us during this series. Sessions are scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday at 3pm with a different critical business discipline and expert advisor presenting each session.

This was the 3rd webinar in our “Navigating Our New Reality: COVID-19 and Beyond” series. The next session will be Thursday, May 28th at 3pm featuring Karley Jump — our Health/Fitness expert from OPEX. Karley’s topic is “How to Live a S.W.E.L.L. Life.” Having heard Karley speak on related topics, I guarantee you will not want to miss this!

Click here to see the webinar line-up and schedule for each focused topic—and to reserve your seat for the entire series and gain access to webinars in the series you may have missed.

Come join us. Together we’ll discover better ways to share information while operating more safely and productively as we move forward.