Out of all of the presenters in our webinar series, “Navigating Our New Reality: COVID-19 and Beyond,” I have looked forward to Karley Jump’s “How to Live a S.W.E.L.L. Life” the most. Yesterday Karley, our Health & Fitness expert advisor from OPEX, reminded us that no matter what we are facing, our ability to more fully realize our true, ultimate self is based on choices we make minute-by-minute in how we love and care for ourselves.

Karley reminded us that there is nothing that really needs to be “fixed” other than taking small steps to do things like slow down, breathe, and take a deeper look at what is truly going on that might be provoking fear and causing us to operate in more of a fight-or-flight mentality rather than a more healthy rest and recover approach.

Karley led us through a 10-minute, “Box Breathing” exercise to illustrate how small shifts can lead to a better sense of self; enabling a cascading ability to see more clearly and make better, more progressive choices. This exercise was a great illustration of the 5 pillars of a S.W.E.L.L lifestyle: Sit, Worx, Eat, Live, Love. You really need to watch the video of this session to understand what each of these pillars represents and why they are important. Great session!

Coming up Tuesday, June 2nd at 3pm, we’ll be joining Joshua Burkhardt from Beers, Mallers, Backs & Salin to consider “Legal Guidance for Essential and Non-Essential Businesses.” If you’ve never had a chance to hear Joshua present, you won’t want to miss this session. Joshua has a wealth of wisdom, experience, and great advice for small business owners as they consider legal areas critical to reopening.

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Come join us. Together we’ll discover better ways to share information while operating more safely and productively as we move forward.