We’ve just completed our 5th webinar in the “Navigating Our New Reality: COVID-19 and Beyond” series. This has been a valuable resource for small business owners to introduce them to local trusted experts covering a range of important topics focused on how to safely maneuver during the current pandemic reopening phase—and how to be as productive as possible while making up for lost time as a result of the virus.

In Tuesday’s webinar, Joshua Burkhardt, of Beers, Mallers, Backs & Salin LLP, presented on Legal Guidance for Essential & Non-Essential Businesses. Joshua echoed what we have been hearing from our other expert advisors—that a lot is continuing to happen and new information is being released on a daily basis. Staying on top of this ever-changing landscape is a daunting task for small business owners and reinforces the need for centralized information sources as we have done in this webinar series.

Joshua addressed “The Fundamentals” of your business, likening them to a team’s need to master basic blocking and tackling tactics in football. These are things that will help businesses continue to be successful. Things like license maintenance, keeping contracts current (especially with new language associated with the recent pandemic), education/training, lease monitoring, maintaining insurance, protecting info (particularly with the growing intensity of cybersecurity) and keeping up with other critical business activities such as annual meetings, meeting minutes, filing business entity reports, etc. It’s a good list of the things that small businesses don’t want to lose focus on in the midst of pandemic-related distractions right now.

Beyond the fundamentals, Joshua reviewed recently released executive order requirements for businesses. Some of the focus here was on what small businesses are now being required to do in order to provide a safe environment for employees and customers. Topics included employee screening procedures, enhanced office cleaning/disinfecting protocols, use of masks/gloves, and social distancing. From a legal perspective, attention to these details, beyond keeping people safe protects businesses from legal adversities such as wrongful death suits.

Joshua concluded with some discussion related to OSHA guidelines (complementing what our Insurance expert advisors from WalkerHughes shared in more detail during our May 21st session), electronic contracts, working remotely, and updates on the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

One of the qualities I respect about Joshua—along with our other expert advisor presenters, is their commitment to communicate important details to small business owners in language that is helpful and easy to understand.

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Come join us. Together we’ll discover better ways to share information while operating more safely and productively as we move forward.