As the gradual reopening of Indiana's economy began, CTSi endeavored to provide valuable and helpful information for small business owners. Through connections with some of our partners in the area, we launched a webinar series titled, Navigating Our New Reality: COVID-19 and BeyondWe focused on featuring several small business experts to provide a context for thinking through how we, as small business experts to provide a context for thinking through how we, as small business owners, can keep moving forward. As we worked with local experts to finalize the webinars, we kept asking, "How can we support our community? How can we provide space for meaningful conversations that we can all benefit from?"

As a small business owner, I wear many different hats, but I also know that I can't be an expert in everything. I'm betting that's true for others as well. Consequently, we identified specific discipline areas within every small business that deserve attention, particularly in this difficult time. Many small businesses can benefit from expertise and resources addressing needs related to HR, Banking, Finance, Legal, Insurance, Technology, and the unique health and wellness needs of a remote workforce.

In preparation for these webinars, we contacted business associated and industry leaders who we knew would be trustworthy resources in their fields of expertise. If you attended any of the webinars, you know there was much value to be gleaned from each presenter. If you were not able to join, let me provide you with an overview and invite you to check out the recordings.

Each webinar presentation added to a larger webinar series consensus that can be summed up in these three thoughts:
  1. Keeping up with change. Everything related to COVID-19 has been, currently is, and continues to be a moving target. Information, facts, and requirements are changing on a daily basis. It’s possible to be responsive in adaptive and flexible ways.
  2. Learning. We are all continually learning. We are learning to do things differently. We are learning how to be creative. We are getting smarter.
  3. Common sense. Common sense is still the best rule-of-thumb. What makes sense? What does your gut tell you? But more important is actually doing the things that you know you should be doing.
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