As our Human Resources specialist, Mike Walton of XcelHR helped us to see how life after COVID-19 demands a change from traditional HR models. Since expenses are up and revenues are down, small business owners need to streamline and automate processes and technologies.

Mike taught us that the biggest mistake small business owners make is to try to save money by doing everything themselves—even when they have little to no formal human resources training or expertise. They frequently make HR decisions that could cost them dearly in fines, penalties, loss of key employees, or employee lawsuits. Mike gave us tips to streamline our HR functions that can free up small business management teams.

We asked Mike about his thoughts after attending the other webinars and he said that he was surprised by all the details covered by each webinar presenter. “Having worked in and with small businesses for over 35 years,” Mike stated, “I thought I had heard it all. So, this was a good reminder that
having a trusted team of professionals can save time and money that could be better spent.” For more information, go to

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