Joshua Burkhardt, with Hunt, Suedhoff, Kalamaros LLP, presented information that focused on how small business owners can find important information to stay on top of this ever-changing landscape.

He took us back to the “fundamentals” of our business from a legal perspective: license maintenance, keeping our contacts current, education & training, lease monitoring, maintaining insurance, protecting information in the act of cybersecurity, and keeping up with other critical business activities. Joshua emphasized the importance of such tasks especially as they evolve with new language associated with the recent pandemic.

Reflecting on his own presentation, Joshua emphasized the importance of accessing current resources saying, “the law is changing rapidly, and business owners have to know where to get information.” When looking back on the presentations and his own takeaways, Josh Burkhardt emphasized how the entire webinar series pushed him to continue “considering different options and formats.” Joshua can now be reached at Hunt Suedhoff Kalamaros LLP,


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