Out of all the webinar presenters, Karley Jump of OPEX’s presentation was the most unique. Her presentation titled “How to Live a S.W.E.L.L. Life” was structured around the acronym S.W.E.L.L. and split into five main components: Sit, Work, Eat, Live, and Love.

Re-watching Karley’s presentation would be beneficial for two main reasons: First, the session itself was a practice in slowing down and deep breathing as she led us through a 10-minute, “Box Breathing” exercise. This illustrated how small shifts can lead to a better sense of self, enabling a cascading ability to see more clearly and make better, more progressive choices. Second, Karley’s presentation emphasized the importance of small steps, especially during a shaky time where we feel anxious to make big leaps.

Looking back at her presentation and her illustration of the 5 pillars of a S.W.E.L.L. lifestyle, Karley’s input and expertise on health and wellness for small business owners is vital to the ongoing stresses of conducting business during these times. Karley can be reached for more information at www.opexfortwayne.com


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