Looking back on our experiences as a small business, we’re realizing that what this pandemic has taught us is that we need to be better prepared. There are parts of this experience with COVID-19 that will become our new and ongoing reality. With this new normal, we’ve got to be able to work flexibly from anywhere— not just at home, but from wherever we need to work.

This has been a nagging problem for many small businesses because technology has already allowed people to work while traveling, but we’ve not been thinking about what it means to continue doing so securely. During our webinar, we encouraged business owners to think more about how we can continue to safely work from anywhere, with the right kind of tools. The reality is that many small businesses terribly underestimate how at risk they are with cybersecurity. Our job, as small business owners, has to involve a new understanding and ownership of the level and sophistication of ongoing security threats. Ignorance will not provide us with a pass.

When COVID-19 first started to change business operations, small businesses moved quickly into the physical safety of home offices. Now that the dust is settling, we have to strongly engage with the security ramifications of this flexibility and move to safeguard our businesses in this new reality.

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