CTSi is now partnering with Hook Security

Security Awareness Training, as defined by our partner Hook Security, is an education program that teaches employees about security and phishing while creating best practices and good habits.

Hook’s “Done-for-You Security Awareness Training” is focused on the evolutionary concept of Psychological Security, an approach developed by Hook that recognizes that human beings are distinctly different from machines, and should be trained as such. Hook specializes in the way we train the brain’s threat recognition and response using neuroscience, humor, repetition, and non-punitive training. The goal is that after 9-12 months of continuous phishing testing of all employees, users will be able to “see” (recognize) and “pause” (respond) to overt manipulation by technology.

The current security awareness training industry has proven to be ineffective. An estimated $9 billion has been spent on security training, and a staggering $6 trillion has been stolen in cybersecurity attacks to date. Security awareness training, when properly executed, contributes to your company’s security culture, and ultimately your overall company culture. In addition, security awareness training helps reduce your company’s risk of downtime.

First, the biggest cause of downtime is when your company is hit with a cyber attack. If you are hit with something like ransomware, your files will be completely encrypted, and many business functions will be shut down completely. There are other less obvious forms of downtime related to cyber attacks such as loss of business, PR issues, employee morale, time to fix, and more. Simply put, phishing attacks are bad for business.

Second, when you roll out something like our Psychological Security Awareness Training, the training is short, doesn’t take time out of an employee’s day, and boosts morale rather than hurts it. Your employees are the number one factor in keeping your company going. Security awareness training keeps you out of danger.