We recently had the opportunity to work with Linda McGonagle at Grace Lutheran Church in Syracuse, Indiana and it was a blast. With a number of our team members engaged in media and technology at our own churches, it is always a joy to share what we’ve learned to help others accomplish their goals in worship services or just connecting and supporting operations through helpful technology.

Linda is a particular delight. She gives to do what she can to help her community, and we’ve enjoyed so much supporting her in how she serves.

Linda was kind enough to share her experience working with CTSi.

Thanks so much, Linda, for the opportunity to partner with you and Grace Lutheran Church.


CTSi is really responsive to my needs. I would recommend them to others looking for technology help — 100%. They won't oversell you or undersell you – Just what you need.

Our technology here was very piecemeal. We were spending money on technology that was not compatible and not adequate to serve our needs. We were flushing money down the drain. We met with Tim and got a comprehensive plan that would make everything work together and enabled us to achieve the results that we needed.

CTSi made our Internet accessible throughout the church — which is awesome because… in order to grow as a church, we need to be able to use multimedia in our worship. And when people come here for meetings, they want to access the Internet. Also, we want to be able to serve the community. For example, when school is out, we want to be able to invite people in our community inside the church for an hour to allow them to use our Internet. Now that we have what we need, we can rely on our access throughout the church.

I wanted to know where we stood so we weren’t over-spending. I didn’t want to have all this work done then get a bill that was way, way, over our budget. CTSi was very good about keeping me informed on the status of our projects — letting me know when things were in the budget or when things were not in the budget.

We also chose to get antivirus software. Now we don't have to worry about malware downloading all the time. Also, we are able to have people who are out of the office do church business with our technology available online. Basically, we have modernized our technology.

I would recommend them because they are always responsive and they keep their appointments and show up when they say they are going to be there. They are there any time I have a question or something comes up.

It’s been great to work with the team. They are my friends. I really appreciate it that they never made me feel stupid. I had joked that I’m just a grandma with an iPhone, but CTSi was able to talk my language. When I didn't understand something, I felt comfortable saying, “OK. Say that to me again because I don't understand.” I was never criticized or ever felt looked down upon or talked down to.

Linda McGonagle Technology Coordinator
Grace Lutheran Church
Syracuse IN