Here at CTSi, we take our own medicine

— particularly when it comes to security.

Just like you, and actually on your behalf, we CANNOT afford a breach. Reports are growing demonstrating that bad actors are going after your technology service providers as a way to get to YOUR valuable business data. That’s right. Hackers know who holds the keys to your entire network. It’s your technology partner. Now, it seems a little foolish that we’d want you to know that we have a target on our backs because of the information we have about you, but we think it is important you know the truth. It’s your data, and you should know your risks, but when CTSi is your technology partner, you can take comfort knowing we have security measures and tools in place that the “other guys” don’t have. Today, I wanted to let you know one simple way we ensure your data is safe when we are your technology partner. I received an email this week letting me know I passed a “phishing test.”

I’m not talking about bait and tackle or trivia about the jam band (obscure joke, I know). I’m talking about phishing scams which are the biggest threat to the security of your company, targeting your weakest link — your staff. An email rolls into your inbox that looks legitimate. It’s telling you that you need to update the information on your (name of popular platform) account. You click on the link and are taken to a page that also looks legitimate for you to make that change because YOU are a problem solver! You enter your username and password and BOOM! Your account information is now compromised.

Back to my congratulatory email. I passed the test. I didn’t know the email was coming, but I made the right choice and didn’t fall victim to the scam. Why? Like I said. We take our medicine. We know about this vulnerability and we ensure our staff know how to spot and respond to threats. It’s just the basics of a full security stack every company needs — training to ensure your information isn’t just handed over to bad guys is absolutely critical. Now, I know YOU would pass this test, but what about your staff members? Have you provided basic training to ensure your team doesn’t open the doors wide to allow hackers to rob you blind?

Here’s a tip: NEVER!!!!! NEVER follow the links you receive in your emails. Go to a known address and log into your account that way to make changes to your information.

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