Bill is a big personality in our little city of Fort Wayne. With more than 36 years of experience
in the Health and Life Insurance Industry, Bill knows what it takes to support his customers, and particularly as open enrollment comes to an end for the year, he’s hard at work doing just that — serving his clients in both Indiana and Ohio. Throughout the years, Bill has had to keep current with, not only trends in his own industry but the technological needs of his agency to allow him to work effectively. Recently, we were able to work with Bill to put in place another great product from Synology. While Synology provides a range of devices and software solutions, perhaps their most popular products are their file storage solutions. For Bill, Synology was exactly what he needed. After over 30+ years of managing his business in a paper-based world, Bill recognized he was limited by his filing cabinets and needed to go paperless. He spent a couple of years scanning and saving documents, but he successfully made the transition. He had his files managed in a single device, but management wasn’t ideal and backups were nonexistent. “We were at risk,” Bill explains, “Someone could have just walked off with that box.”

Bill met Tim from CTSi at a networking group and started talking about how to solve this problem. We found just the right device to support everything that Bill needed. With Synology’s Network Attached Storage device, not only are files readily available, but they are safe and secure with offsite backups. “With Synology,” Bill told us, “the benefit is that it can back up everything and I can access my files from anywhere — and everything is encrypted and secure.” Having Bill’s information available no matter where he is, right at his fingertips, is critical to providing the very best service possible for his customers.

“Ican access my files from anywhere - everything is encrypted and secure. ..”
- Bill Hartman

Hartman Insurance Services is an individual health insurance agency offering both Medicare and major medical. They empower their customers to make informed decisions about their insurance needs. “Synology makes that process easier,” Bill told us. “I have a full day trip tomorrow. I’ll need that Synology!”

Bill, we’re so glad to have the opportunity to partner with you to get the most out of your technological investment.

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I've looked at other service providers. I'm confident in what CTSi does. I would definitely recommend them to others.

Our agency has remained current as technology has developed. We had 30 years of paper files that we scanned and moved over to a remote file share solution. It took us a couple of years to make it happen, but I travel a lot and need to access my files while I'm with my customers. What we had in place for our digital files was okay, but it really made me nervous. All our files were stored on this single device with no backups in place. My entire agency history could walk out the door if someone came in and picked up that box. I called in Tim Poyner and CTSi for help.

CTSi is great to work with. Once we landed on our solution, the process was really easy and the CTSi staff were very helpful.

I now have a great solution that backs everything up, AND I can access those critical files from anywhere in the country, even on my phone.

It's simple, safe, and encrypted and secure. That's what's so beneficial. I have what I need right at my fingertips, and I don't need to worry about it.

Bill Hartman Owner
Hartman Insurance Services
Fort Wayne, IN