After reading the main article in this newsletter, we hope you understand the need for a Managed Security Services Provider to manage your technology. The good news is that CTSi is here to help!

Becoming an MSSP is no little thing, and to be honest, there is a reason that most IT companies have not made the investments needed to hold this title. To be an MSSP is a claim to a level of certification and knowledge, commitment to 24/7 security surveillance and predictive monitoring, and the ability to successfully move into remediation the moment a threat is detected. Good technology companies are working hard to take care of every little thing that’s plugged in at your location, and the list is growing all the time with mobile and smart devices being the norm added to the additional demands of remote teams. It is a busy job to care for your company well, but as we communicated in the first article of this newsletter, it is for that very reason that the traditional services provided by a managed services provider are inadequate to provide you with the services you need. In fact, the level of security your business demands is usually only available to enterprise businesses who have the resources to build out a department to adequately secure their technology.

How is CTSi able to deliver what other technology companies cannot?

The answer is pretty simple: “Aces in their places!” We excel at providing and supporting best- in-class solutions that are designed to equip you with what you need to accomplish your business objectives. Our dedicated vCIO and vCTO, assigned to each of our customers, ensure all technology is in line with your goals and that keeps our eyes out in front of where you are heading to ensure what you need is ready and available to put you in the very best position for success. And our team knows a thing or two about security. We’ve been providing cutting edge security services to customers for a number of years now. We know what we’re doing, and we understand enough to know that we need to augment our team with the very best security partners to address the increasing technology and security needs of the customers we serve. We are proud to share that we have partnered with the very best to enable us to offer these exclusive and valuable services to you.

We would like to introduce Jason Whitehurst and his team at SP Partners.

Our exclusive partnership with SP Partners provides us with the security “Ace” you need to protect your company from cyber threats. Jason and SP Partners provide a security platform that is specific to our customers to provide the protection they need, adapting to the specific requirements and vertical for your business. Additionally, he brings a team providing 24/7 monitoring on all of your devices and network to identify any potential security concern and to respond immediately to eliminate threats and ensure you are protected.

We asked Jason “How has technology and the need for Cybersecurity changed over the past 15 years?” “Because of the way that ransomware and other business-interrupting risks have matured, they are often fully automated; meaning machines are working to identify easy prey, and it’s happening so frequently in every vertical because so many companies have historically neglected security.”

“Right now, securing an enterprise has to be the primary focus. Without that focus, an organization is going to experience a cybersecurity incident – and it’s going to be sooner rather than later. Companies are being attacked from all different areas such as through phishing emails or brute force attempts on their firewalls and their environments – any way the business can be compromised. These targeted attacks are even specific to the vertical. For example, we protect a number of real estate attorneys who, when they start communicating with a new person who is purchasing a property, the attorney in that local area is servicing that relationship. The attorney is then communicating with somebody who may be fully compromised already. When these threat agents see that this person is purchasing more real estate, they will then try to infiltrate the real estate attorney to effectuate a wire transfer. Each person thinks the other person approved the transfer but the other one doesn’t know about it. It’s like when a child says to one parent, ‘I’m going to stay at Tina’s tonight,’ while Tina is telling her parents, ‘I’m going to stay at Jill’s tonight,” and none of that is happening.”

The biggest lie we hear organizations say? ‘I’m too small. Cybercriminals don’t care about me.’
Size has nothing to do with it when that automation is in the picture. Once those automations find their way into the company, they will then add it to the list of human interaction that used to effectuate a ransom.”

“73% of companies who have experienced a ransomware attack are not in business three years post the breach. The reality is incredibly disruptive and incredibly expensive. Customers lose their trust in your business. The law requires notification, etc. But these risks can be protected against.”

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What we really want you to know is that we have done the work to put a security team together. We are equipped to keep you safe and keep you moving forward as you grow your business. With our team of technology aces, partnering with our security aces, we partner with you to ensure you are safe and equipped to run hard and grow your organization.