So much has changed in the past year-and-a-half. Together, and yet strangely on our own, we’ve been through something we will likely never experience again. Hopefully generations following us will also not face this same challenge. We’re different now, but we’re all trying to figure out how we “return to normal.” Through all of this, you carry the responsibility of encouraging and equipping your team to continue working, connecting, and moving forward. Although virtual workspaces have been a necessity, with some initial productivity gains, many are finding a need to at least return to some amount of face-to-face connection. Now that the sudden urgencies of the pandemic have passed, you need a strategy, and we can help to put the best solutions in place to support your connectivity with the flexibility you need for your team to collaborate and share both in person and while they are still working remotely. We can help you with the technology pieces to facilitate that connectivity, but today, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite team building activities for your in-person and remote teams to connect.

  1. Team Health Challenges:
    Now more than ever, well-being is a major concern for our employees. Why not encourage your team to take some healthy steps together – literally! How about a weekly step challenge, literal “stretch” goals, or allocate some time each day to slow down and take a few moments to breathe. Be creative, but remember how important each member of your team is and how valuable this investment can be for your business.
  2. Virtual Coffee Breaks:
    We can help you with tools to enable your morning briefings or weekly staff meeting, but how about scheduling time to connect —no work talk allowed! Maybe not required, but just being there in case someone needs that connection that is still so important.
  3. Scheduled Brainstorming:
    With some remote and some in-person, it might be hard to capitalize on the full capacity of your team. Invite everyone to participate on shared collaborative thinking. Choose a problem and plan a time to think through how you can solve the problem together.

What have you found to be helpful in connecting your team? We’d love to hear your thoughts! We also believe in you and your people. We can help to identify and implement the technology and solutions needed to make that connection possible. Let us help. Your business will thank you!