CTSi: How to Improve the Features & Services of Your Phone System

CTSi: How to Improve the Features & Services of Your Phone System

Read this article, take these recommended steps and I GUARANTEE you’ll see more value for your investment in your phone systems. What do I mean? I guarantee because the company I have built, with the teams and processes in place, are all focused around knowing you, your business, and your needs — then we install exactly what you need. I won’t be satisfied until you are happy with the solution we’ve implemented for you.

How can I be so confident in our solution?
I know you’ll discover the value of our telephony solutions for a couple reasons:

  1. We have an amazing customer service track record and reputation for taking care of our customers, and we can back it up. See our customer testimonials.
  2. We specialize in helping small businesses like yours utilize their technology to support business objectives. We have seen the benefits our phone system can provide, and we feel confident that we can put in place what you need to help your business to grow.
  3. We take our own medicine. We have a fantastic phone solution that supports our own team and growth goals. We know the benefits of our VoIP solutions, and we believe they can help small and medium-sized businesses like yours.

“Why should I consider something new?” That’s a great question!

What is VoIP?

Yes. I’m talking about a VoIP phone system. I’m sure you are familiar with VoIP and what it can do for your business, but one more time for those in the back, let me explain. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) lets you place your phone calls over your internet connection rather than antiquated phone lines. “But,” you ask, “our good-ol’ phone system has been working fine for years. Why should I consider something new?” That’s a great question. Are you still using a cabled phone line in your house? If so, is that your primary phone, or are you finding it is much more convenient to using your mobile device? My guess is, even if you have a phone line at home, you’re primarily connecting with your friends and family over your mobile device because it offers way more capabilities and flexibility over your traditional phone. The same is true for VoIP, and it is more cost effective than traditional phone systems. VoIP is simply more convenient, more flexible, has remarkable potential to automate important business functions, AND uses services you already rely on for your business. It is time to update and update your phones to VoIP!

“You can make your important work phone calls from anywhere.

Is VoIP right for you?

We’ll be happy to help you in answering this question, but what we can do for you right now is cover some of the benefits of VoIP. If you like what you see, we’ll talk and move toward a recommendation together.

The Good:

  • VoIP is more cost effective:
    While some experience a cost savings, all who implement VoIP solution realize significantly more value for their investment.
  • The Sound is Pristine:
    VoIP has the capacity for greater definition and higher quality audio over traditional phone lines. This means you can say good-bye to muffled calls and enjoy a clear conversation with customers.
  • Access a Range of Features:
    From easy management of auto attendants, call recording, marketing integrations, and much more, VoIP can transform many of your processes so you can work smarter and more efficiently no matter where you are.
  • Make Your Calls from Anywhere:
    No more difficulty in scheduling phone coverage. You can make your important work phone calls from anywhere and receive those important calls from your customers and keep a consistent professional appearance of calls coming from your business. With VoIP, your business is better positioned to provide the best service possible for your customers.
  • Call anyone, no matter where they are:
    International rates are extremely low with VoIP. For example, you can call the UK for as little as $.01 per minute. Being connected has never been so easy or affordable.

Sound interesting? Let’s talk!

I know you will love the solution we put in place. I am confident of that, and that satisfaction and value in your technological investment is what we strive for. Partnership with us means we ensure you are satisfied and have what you need to see your business thrive.

Next Step:

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