When people think about companies who “do IT,” they tend to have a limited perspective. The image is usually restricted to computers and networks. And that is a part of what we do, but CTSi is much more than managing your network and computers. We help with everything that plugs in at your business, but also the solutions utilized by that technology for every area of your business. Truly leveraging our relationship with you will realize benefits far beyond ensuring your systems are working and up-to-date. We can create a strategy to implement technologies that will support the next steps of your business making your path easier and more likely to succeed.

Over the past month, two members of our marketing team, David Grant and Sydney Kent have invested in a partner program to expand our technology services to include marketing and sales automation. In this process, we selected one particular partner who has been at the center of our internal automation transformation. We are proud to announce that CTSi is now a KEAP (formally Infusionsoft) Certified Partner. This means our team has invested in a deeper understanding of what it takes to make your marketing and sales processes run more efficiently and effectively, and we’d like to offer that to your business.

KEAP is a fantastic platform, and may be right for you, but the real investment is available by leveraging our team to determine what CRM and marketing tools are best for your business, what integrations are needed (like that VoIP solution you’re thinking about) to more effectively collect and leverage prospect information and drive sales forward, implement, and train your team to make the most out of your technology to support your business’ growth objectives.

Interested in what automation can do for your business? Your best next step is to schedule a free consult.