Dear CTSi Candidate,

28 years ago, I started a technology consulting company. Initially, I envisioned providing consulting and training services to small businesses and nonprofits. My desire was to uniquely address items lacking in most technology service deliveries:

  • A strong, relational approach to technology that speaks normal, human language (no “geek speak”) while encouraging long-term client relationships
  • Well-researched, thorough, and trustworthy recommendations that are informed by the customer’s larger business objectives
  • Full circle implementations that include services such as training to increase solution utilization and improve value

These same characteristics and qualities have stayed true through the years — even though the technology products and services have drastically changed —and continue to change at an aggressive pace. These qualities are now reflected in our core values. These values guide us towards the right-fitting clients and team members. The resulting experience we desire in every aspect of what we do and who we engage with is:

  • We enthusiastically love what we do
  • We enjoy who we do it with and for
  • We don’t settle for the status quo — we want to be exceptional
  • It’s not just about “tech.” It’s about value!

My desire as the leader of our team is to find and welcome other high-quality individuals who share our core values and desire to apply their skills in a way that makes a significant difference for our clients. A team with these commitments will naturally be known as THE premier expert technology consulting and solutions firm in the Northern Indiana area and beyond.

We have significant opportunities to strengthen and build our team, establish our reputation, and WOW our clients.

If you:

  • Enjoy working closely with a small but close-knit team
  • Are energized by new challenges and learning/growing opportunities
  • Value relationships as deeply as growing your technical skills/experiences
  • Resonate with our core values

Then you may be a perfect fit for our team. I would love to meet you and explore where we could go together!

Timothy Poyner
President, Creative Technology Solutions, Inc.

CTSi Core Values


  • We purposefully and passionately move with key objectives/benefits and results in mind.


  • We are timely and considerate of others in how and when we respond. We are service-minded.


  • We believe that details are important and successfully managing these details is critical to increased efficiencies for both short-term and long-term success.


  • We are committed to quality, value, talent, hard work, discipline, and best-in-class processes and solutions in all that we apply ourselves to. We are not content to settle for the status quo or inferior ill-advised shortcuts.


  • We value the uniqueness of each individual and what they bring to the “team”. We enjoy partnership and achieving great things together—and believe that success is possible through collective/collaborative efforts.


  • We embrace and enjoy genuine realness with/of others. We honor and pursue higher human qualities of integrity, honesty, trust, commitment, humility, and equality in our thought, speech, and our actions.

CTSi Core Focus

Our Passion is to:

  • Build Partnerships
  • Which Result in Solutions
  • That Exceed Expectations


Our Niche:
Improving, Simplifying, & Unifying the Complexities of Technology


Extraordinary Collaboration – Liberating Results

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