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Business Management

Business Management Conversation Episode 3 — Is Print Dead?

In this episode, we discuss Managed Print Services and the value of print to help to grow your business. More than that, how will you manage your printing technology? Are you still the go-to when frustrated staff can't get the printer to feed again after a printer jam, or have you recognized the value in a Managed Print Services partner? ...

Please Don't Make Me Buy My Software

Our Digital Marketing Specialist, David Grant, explains how important it is to your staff that you support them with a technology partner who can manage your software. ...

Finding Value In Software Is Not The Same As Bargain Shopping

Our Integration Specialist, Zachary Evans, weighs in on our recent conversation about software licensing, management, and value for your business. Find out how you are missing out on value by treating software like bargain shopping. ...

BMC Episode: 2 — Utilizing Software To Grow Your Business

In this episode, we discuss a recent, CTSi News Release where we announced our status as a Microsoft CSP. While our relationship with Microsoft is exciting and has the potential to make YOUR life easier with a centralized partner to manage licenses and support in one place, we thought it would be more impactful to think through the impact of software on a broader level, beyond the specifics of the Office Suite and other Microsoft tools. Not sure what licensing and software has to do with growing your business? Check out the video above. ...

Don't Be Concerned About CyberSecurity Threats In Your Business

David Grant wraps up our thoughts on business security with an interesting perspective and questions you can use to develop trust with your IT partner. ...

Business Strategy Specialist Follow-Up: Business Security

Timothy Poyner spends a little more time going deeper into the topic of Busines Security from a strategy perspective. ...

Business Integration Specialist Follow-Up: Business Security

Building off of our first Business Management Conversation, Zach Evans has some concluding thoughts on the conversation. In this post, we go deeper on the topic of integration related to business security. ...

Business Management Conversation Episode:1 — Business Security

In this episode, we discuss the recent Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities. While those issues have been addressed, and hopefully your systems have been patched, (if your technology company has not yet addressed this threat, DUMP THEM) the importance of understanding the ways your company can be at risk remains. Security threats like Meltdown and Spectre will only increase the more our technology moves to connectivity and cloud computing. It may be a future Business Management Conversation, but for now, enjoy our first episode discussing these recent security threats. ...

Technology Business Management Conversation Episode:1 (Extended)

Join us for our first, extended edition of CTSi's Business Management Conversation. In this video, we introduce our ongoing conversations and dig into recent technology threats, Meltdown and Spectre. ...

Network-Wide Health Check

We've been sharing about our opportunity to help at the Kosciusko County Fair recently. Check out our post leading up to the fair. And here's a heartfelt follow-up from one of our techs. More is coming, too. But, with all this ...


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