With today's advancements in cloud-based solutions, many services that were only available via a local on-premise installation (i.e., local “servers”) are now available in the cloud. But just because it’s available in the cloud, is it the right solution for you? To complicate things, many cloud vendors are promising cost-savings that are difficult to ignore. But are these your true costs (in the long run)? What about security? How do you know if your data is secure? Is your data in the cloud being backed up? And what about outages? What happens when your cloud provider has an unexpected outage—or if you can’t get to the cloud due to a network or Internet outage at your location?

Whether you need help evaluating the true pros and cons of a cloud-based vs. a local on-premise solution or need help migrating to a cloud solution, CTSi can help. Beyond helping evaluate your cloud needs, readiness to go to the cloud, or manage implementation of a cloud solution, CTSi can help you get there safely and smoothly. CTSi also partners with many leading cloud solution providers to provide you with single-source convenience and efficiency.

A few ways that CTSi can help you leverage cloud solutions:

  • Assessment – CTSi can help you evaluate your requirements, create a cloud solution specification, review various cloud vendors and solutions, and recommend a best-fit option for you.
  • Migration – Once a cloud solution or direction is determined, CTSi can assist with the initial setup and configuration of that cloud service and then migrate your organization to that cloud solution.
  • Fault Tolerance – Beyond the reliability of the selected cloud provider and their systems, have you planned for potential outages on your side of the cloud equation? For example, how will a network or Internet outage impact you or your organization? CTSi can help develop a strategy to maximize your uptime—including designing your local network against a single point of failure.
  • Data Protection – Assuming that your cloud vendor has adequate internal systems and processes to protect your data against corruption and loss, what can and should you do to make sure you’ve protected your most valuable asset (your data) against things like vendor data protection failures, vendor system failures (outages), accidental file deletion (by you or someone from your organization) or malicious file deletion (i.e., a vindictive employee, etc.)? CTSi can help put appropriate cloud data protection solutions in-place.
  • Performance Optimization – Once your data is in the cloud, how do you maximize performance to make sure that access to your data is fast enough to be usable? We can help make sure that all areas of the cloud equation are reviewed and addressed—helping you realize the full benefits of a cloud solution and keeping your team productive.
  • Administration – CTSi can provide cloud solution administration services to make sure that user accounts are created as needed and appropriate ongoing configuration and adjustments are made when needed.
  • Support – CTSi can function as your 1st tier help desk resource. Often CTSi can solve the issue, and if not, we can be the liaison between you and the cloud provider’s tech support. This allows you to deal with one source for your technology support.
  • Training – As with any technology solution, successful and productive use of your cloud solution is largely contingent upon you and your organization’s practical knowledge of the application or solution. If/when training would be helpful, CTSi can help give you and your team a stronger foundation to build on.
  • Custom Integration – Many cloud-based solutions have an API that allows integration with other cloud or non-cloud solutions or applications. If no existing integration currently exists, ask how CTSi may be able to custom develop an integration solution via available API’s.

If you have questions or need assistance with an existing cloud solution or moving to a new cloud solution, contact CTSi today!