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What Our Customers Are Saying

With CTSI, I have great confidence knowing I am getting the best service and recommendations possible

CTSi has been very professional and personable in helping us find the right solutions for our network and VOIP needs. It has been great to work with an IT company that happily services both Mac and PC devices. All of CTSi technicians are properly trained and knowledgeable in their specific field of expertise. Recently, CTSi recommended and installed a brand new network for us, both wired and wireless, so we can offer a better user experience to our team members and guests. After upgrading, the performance of the new network has been great!

Tim Jones Pastor of Communications
North Webster Church of God
North Webster IN

I now have a helpdesk to take care of my employees, so I can get my work done rather than deal with computer problems.

Before working with CTSi, I functioned as the IT guy in addition to leading the company. I did everything myself. It got tiring. Dealing with all the issues that came up took up a lot more time than I wanted to spend, so I reached out. For example, Windows updates were just taking too much time. I’d be stuck reformatting hard drives when I could have been working on the business. I’d fix one error and there’d be another error that would pop up. I’d be working on a project, trying to get something done, and someone comes in and says, ‘Hey! My computer just crashed.’ ‘I can’t get to the internet.’ Or ‘This isn’t doing what it needs to be doing.’ It was just frustrating.

I had worked with CTSi on a previous project with an organization I am a part of, so I knew what to expect. That was a selling feature — No surprises — and it has been great. I get great feedback. The communication is wonderful. The team is very easy to work with. And, best of all, I just don’t have to waste my time functioning as the IT department. I have a team I can trust to take care of it for me.

I would definitely recommend CTSi for anyone needing to have their network managed or technology services.

Sheal Dirck President
Mavron, Inc.
Warsaw IN