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Avoid wasting a bunch of time by partnering with CTSi.

Our company has been growing, and that’s exciting, but we started having trouble with communication — particularly among our operations team. We found an off-the-shelf solution for the service industry. It claimed to do all kinds of exciting things. Their rep told us the customization was robust and could do just what we needed, AND if there was something more, they would help us. Unfortunately, we quickly found it was not what we needed at all. It was just too generic and didn’t allow for the unique needs we have related to managing and scheduling our team and trucks. Also, in all of the excitement of the tool’s features, we lost sight of what we really needed. We found ourselves back at the start with our heads spinning.

We reached out to the Apple Store who recommended we contact CTSi. We did, and the work they’ve done for us has been AMAZING.

One thing that we appreciated was how CTSi was willing to come and learn about our company. We had reached out to others who would not take the time to get to know us, and we felt that was an important part of recommending the right solution. Zach, from CTSi was a quick study. He understood the details of our work much better than many others we meet with. Some of our coworkers who overheard our conversations even commented on how intelligent and intuitive he was. We knew early on we were in good hands.

Zach has a remarkable ability to draw out information as he talks with you. As he interviewed us, he helped us to see we already knew and understood more about what we needed than we had thought, but we needed help putting all of the pieces together. He helped us to see our ideal solution was actually more simple and streamlined than what we had originally thought. He never made us feel unwise about going with the off-the-shelf solution initially but helped us to focus on our next steps so we know what we need moving forward. Now, with fresh eyes, CTSi will be working with us to identify the right tool, whether it be “out-of-the-box" or custom development.

We are extremely happy we decided to work with CTSi. They have been responsive and delivered as promised every step of the way. Even after long, 8-hour days, working with CTSi has been a positive and valuable partner.

Jami Radcliff Marketing Director & Sales Force Administrator

With CTSi caring for our technology, I can get to the things I need to do!

We needed help with our VoIP phones so I called the office. Immediately Jon came out to take care of us. He was great and was super friendly too. To top it off, he found we weren’t getting the service we were paying for, so he contacted our Internet provider to set up an appointment to make things right.

A few days later Brett came on-site to help out as our service provider was checking out our connection speeds. The representative didn’t seem to understand even very basic things, but Brett was so nice and helpful. He gently took charge of the situation and made us feel confident that everything would be cared for. We could hear how Brett was explaining things during the meeting, and one of my coworkers commented saying, “It was like teacher and student in there, wasn’t it?” After everything was resolved, Brett made sure I understood what was going on. It was impressive how he took care of everything so we could get our regular work done. Normally, I would have had to spend a day working on all of this myself.

Metzger Trucking Learn More
Silver Lake IN

CTSi is really responsive to my needs. I would recommend them to others looking for technology help — 100%. They won't oversell you or undersell you – Just what you need.

Our technology here was very piecemeal. We were spending money on technology that was not compatible and not adequate to serve our needs. We were flushing money down the drain. We met with Tim and got a comprehensive plan that would make everything work together and enabled us to achieve the results that we needed.

CTSi made our Internet accessible throughout the church — which is awesome because… in order to grow as a church, we need to be able to use multimedia in our worship. And when people come here for meetings, they want to access the Internet. Also, we want to be able to serve the community. For example, when school is out, we want to be able to invite people in our community inside the church for an hour to allow them to use our Internet. Now that we have what we need, we can rely on our access throughout the church.

I wanted to know where we stood so we weren’t over-spending. I didn’t want to have all this work done then get a bill that was way, way, over our budget. CTSi was very good about keeping me informed on the status of our projects — letting me know when things were in the budget or when things were not in the budget.

We also chose to get antivirus software. Now we don't have to worry about malware downloading all the time. Also, we are able to have people who are out of the office do church business with our technology available online. Basically, we have modernized our technology.

I would recommend them because they are always responsive and they keep their appointments and show up when they say they are going to be there. They are there any time I have a question or something comes up.

It’s been great to work with the team. They are my friends. I really appreciate it that they never made me feel stupid. I had joked that I’m just a grandma with an iPhone, but CTSi was able to talk my language. When I didn't understand something, I felt comfortable saying, “OK. Say that to me again because I don't understand.” I was never criticized or ever felt looked down upon or talked down to.

Linda McGonagle Technology Coordinator
Grace Lutheran Church
Syracuse IN

CTSi Has Helped Us Remain On The Cutting Edge

We have worked with CTSi for over 10 years now, and they have been nothing but helpful and flexible, helping us grow. Time is money and when your computers, network, and server structure ends up saving you time, it saves you money. Not only has CTSi helped with finding us hidden savings, but they have also allowed us to maintain a tech presence that few in our area and market can or do. This is very important in our ever increasing on-demand digital world.

Boyden & Youngblutt Learn More
Fort Wayne IN

If you are looking for someone to either put in new tech for your new business or to upgrade your technology so your customers have a higher level of engagement and service while they’re at your business — That’s CTSi.

I was hung up on this technology piece. We wanted people to experience high-level modern technology when they came into our business. Alan Steele from the Indiana Small Business Development Center referred me to Tim and CTSi. We sat down and talked through what we are looking for – what we are looking to do. Tim and CTSi asked all the right questions. It gave me a lot of confidence that they were going to be able to put in place what we wanted. It was just a great experience. I was really worried. I knew where we wanted, but I didn’t know how to get there. Tim just listened and we worked through the whole process. From having a blank, clean slate, just an empty piece of land, to what we have in place now is pretty incredible.

I can’t say enough about the professionalism. There were really two big pieces. The first was "How do we get open?" How do we go from the infrastructure and making sure everything is put into place the right way? But just getting open is not enough. How do you keep your network up-to-date? How do you keep your registers running without a problem? CTSi knew and helped to identify and put things in place now that will hold over for a decade or two decades. I am very thankful for that kind of forward thinking that they would do for me. It’s a huge comfort that there’s a big part of our business that we don’t have to worry about so that we can focus on the right things.

I mentioned to somebody not that long ago that of all the people who have touched our business, there’s really only a handful who are going to be ongoing partners and CTSi is one of those partners. We rely on them now and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future. They make it so easy, very patient, helping me understand what those things are, how important they are, and not speaking over my head. Really, a true partner making sure we’re all on the same page together.

I would recommend CTSi no doubt. They provided what we wanted to make our business perfect.

John Miller Owner
Ninja Golf
Granger IN

With CTSI, I have great confidence knowing I am getting the best service and recommendations possible

CTSi has been very professional and personable in helping us find the right solutions for our network and VOIP needs. It has been great to work with an IT company that happily services both Mac and PC devices. All of CTSi technicians are properly trained and knowledgeable in their specific field of expertise. Recently, CTSi recommended and installed a brand new network for us, both wired and wireless, so we can offer a better user experience to our team members and guests. After upgrading, the performance of the new network has been great!

Tim Jones Pastor of Communications
North Webster Church of God
North Webster IN

We would certainly recommend CTSi to others, in fact, we have and will continue to do so.

CTSi has helped us in many ways. First of all, they simplified things for us. phone service was sketchy. Email was hit or miss. Even the cable was erratic. It was very frustrating. CTSi made everything work for us, and work very smoothly. Nobody wants to have all those little aggravations, and in our case, it was almost constant. We should have done it much sooner rather than living with those issues. We also had a problem with the sound system installed in our new home. You couldn’t hear. You couldn’t enjoy music or dialogue. Sounds seemed to get lost in the room. We had given up on listening to music. CTSi suggested and installed a new Sonos system. With this new system, it’s like you’re in a theatre. They gave us the ability to enjoy our home. Everything is smooth and easy. We’ve enjoyed it so much, we’ll have a phase two with more work with external Sonos speakers and we’re looking forward to that when the weather is nice.

What I like about working with them is they can work at any level they need to. If the person is really technical, they are comfortable, but if you’re not a “techie” and you need to talk with your granddaughter to have help with your iPhone, they can work with people at that level too. Everyone on the team is great. It’s like you’ve always known them.

CTSi Customer This customer requests to remain anonymous
We respect the identity and desires of our customer.

CTSi is quick to answer any questions I have. I appreciate knowing I have a resource on hand to take care of our technology.

We worked with CTSi to update our home entertainment speaker setup. We had older surround speakers with our stereo, but the whole system was confusing. We wanted to use the speakers for listening to music as well as for our movies, but the only way to do that was by surrendering our phones to be plugged in. We hardly used the system and the speakers became like bulky pieces of furniture. CTSI provided all the info I needed to make an informed purchase and helped answer any questions I had. We installed the Sonos system, and we love it! It sounds awesome while watching movies or listening to music, and we can control everything from an app on our devices, so we don’t have to be tethered to the system. We even extended the system to other rooms in our house.

CTSi is quick to answer any questions I have. They’ve supported my home systems as well as providing help for our church. I’ve been telling my friends about CTSi and Sonos, and appreciate knowing I have a resource on hand to take care of our technology.

Tom Diecks Home User
Warsaw IN

We Can Depend On CTSi

In my years of work in the publishing business, both as a remote employee of a large Los Angeles firm and as a private entrepreneur operating out of Northern Indiana, we have learned that we can depend on Creative Technology Solutions Inc. for both short-term troubleshooting and long-term strategies. There’s not a lot of companies about which you can say that sort of thing these days.

Sherman Goldenberg Partner / Publisher
G&G Media Group LLC / RVBusiness
Elkhart IN

CTSI has always been ready to respond with patience to my questions no matter how obvious the answers probably should be to me

CTSI has provided me with splendid service for more than twenty years. In the area where I live, finding service for clients using Apple in their homes was challenging, so I was very pleased when an acquaintance enthusiastically recommended Tim Poyner to me. No longer did I have to bribe a young friend to help me, nor travel seventy miles to purchase a Mac from someone I had never met. I have learned a lot in the past two decades, thanks to the encouragement and coaching from Tim and his staff. CTSI has provided me with options and information whenever new technology is developed that may be fitting for me. The staff always are knowledgeable and attentive. Years ago, Tim was teaching me something about a new application. Sensing my uncertainty, he said, “I have faith in you!” That has stayed with me and emboldened me to explore on my own, knowing that if I ever get in difficulty, help is just a call away. I can’t imagine how I could have functioned without their skilled and trustworthy service.

Susan Weybright Retired Educator
Goshen IN

CTSi was very structured and intentional with how they managed the project.

Before CTSi automated my quoting and scheduling process, I was tied to my phone all the time. If I didn’t answer the call, customers would keep calling until they found a competitor who answered the phone. Even if I called back ten minutes later, I was too late. I lost a ton of business and I had no personal time boundaries.

CTSi was very structured and intentional with how they managed the project. I was continually kept in the loop with pre-planned meetings and was able to do some beta testing and provide feedback.

Now my schedule fills up and I don’t worry about answering my phone. My clients thinks my automated quoting and scheduling feature is super convenient.

I was very pleased with the product and process. No complaints!

Would I recommend CTSi to others? 100% YES!

Andy Overy Owner
Three Rivers Commercial/Home Inspections LLC
Fort Wayne, IN

I now have a helpdesk to take care of my employees, so I can get my work done rather than deal with computer problems.

Before working with CTSi, I functioned as the IT guy in addition to leading the company. I did everything myself. It got tiring. Dealing with all the issues that came up took up a lot more time than I wanted to spend, so I reached out. For example, Windows updates were just taking too much time. I’d be stuck reformatting hard drives when I could have been working on the business. I’d fix one error and there’d be another error that would pop up. I’d be working on a project, trying to get something done, and someone comes in and says, ‘Hey! My computer just crashed.’ ‘I can’t get to the internet.’ Or ‘This isn’t doing what it needs to be doing.’ It was just frustrating.

I had worked with CTSi on a previous project with an organization I am a part of, so I knew what to expect. That was a selling feature — No surprises — and it has been great. I get great feedback. The communication is wonderful. The team is very easy to work with. And, best of all, I just don’t have to waste my time functioning as the IT department. I have a team I can trust to take care of it for me.

I would definitely recommend CTSi for anyone needing to have their network managed or technology services.

Sheal Dirck President
Mavron, Inc.
Warsaw IN

CTSi is our “One Stop” for all of our technology needs.

We’ve been very happy with our service from CTSi. They know us. They know how we are set up. They understand what needs to be done. They understand how technology moves our business forward. What that means for us is we don’t have to educate a tech every time they send someone out to help us. They come in ready to solve our problem and help to identify solutions for our next steps. If you’re sitting on the fence, why? Try CTSi. You’ll be happy you did.

Rod Baker Chief Financial Officer
The Fortus Group
Fort Wayne IN