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First, I highly recommend you download our TechTool Guide, “10 Critical Security Steps Your Business MUST Take To Protect Against Cyber Security Threats.” That is an important resource that will help frame the answer to the question, “Why should I schedule a Security Assessment?”

Before I answer, let’s start with what it’s NOT. It’s not us immediately jumping under the hood and taking over your technology — demanding access to your confidential information. You may not know us that well [yet]. We wouldn’t just hand over the “keys” to someone we don’t know, and we would never ask that of you. The Security Assessment is “hands-off” with the goal of being as minimally-intrusive as possible. We want to provide you with an opportunity to have fresh eyes on your technology with some general information, recommendations, and direction to help you move your business forward. We talk with you, and more important, we listen. You’ll receive some general recommendations to consider, and we’ll be here to help you implement whatever makes the most sense to you — now that you know the facts. It’s just simple and helpful.

Now... WHY should you schedule one? Have you looked at the guide? We take our Professional Service Agreement (PSA) customers through each step of that guide. It’s standard for us, but we know most business owners don’t have the resources and experiences to successfully address their security needs. You need help if you want your technology to function, standing up to any threat that comes along. THAT is why we exist, and THAT is why you should schedule a Security Assessment.

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CTSi Has Helped Us Remain On The Cutting Edge

We have worked with CTSi for over 10 years now, and they have been nothing but helpful and flexible, helping us grow. Time is money and when your computers, network, and server structure ends up saving you time, it saves you money. Not only has CTSi helped with finding us hidden savings, but they have also allowed us to maintain a tech presence that few in our area and market can or do. This is very important in our ever increasing on-demand digital world.

Boyden & Youngblutt Learn More
Fort Wayne IN

CTSi is really responsive to my needs. I would recommend them to others looking for technology help — 100%. They won't oversell you or undersell you – Just what you need.

Our technology here was very piecemeal. We were spending money on technology that was not compatible and not adequate to serve our needs. We were flushing money down the drain. We met with Tim and got a comprehensive plan that would make everything work together and enabled us to achieve the results that we needed.

CTSi made our Internet accessible throughout the church — which is awesome because… in order to grow as a church, we need to be able to use multimedia in our worship. And when people come here for meetings, they want to access the Internet. Also, we want to be able to serve the community. For example, when school is out, we want to be able to invite people in our community inside the church for an hour to allow them to use our Internet. Now that we have what we need, we can rely on our access throughout the church.

I wanted to know where we stood so we weren’t over-spending. I didn’t want to have all this work done then get a bill that was way, way, over our budget. CTSi was very good about keeping me informed on the status of our projects — letting me know when things were in the budget or when things were not in the budget.

We also chose to get antivirus software. Now we don't have to worry about malware downloading all the time. Also, we are able to have people who are out of the office do church business with our technology available online. Basically, we have modernized our technology.

I would recommend them because they are always responsive and they keep their appointments and show up when they say they are going to be there. They are there any time I have a question or something comes up.

It’s been great to work with the team. They are my friends. I really appreciate it that they never made me feel stupid. I had joked that I’m just a grandma with an iPhone, but CTSi was able to talk my language. When I didn't understand something, I felt comfortable saying, “OK. Say that to me again because I don't understand.” I was never criticized or ever felt looked down upon or talked down to.

Linda McGonagle Technology Coordinator
Grace Lutheran Church
Syracuse IN