As a premiere small business consultant, CTSi is uniquely focused on providing technology services and solutions that cover the key technology areas of every small business.

A few common areas that CTSi can help you address in your small business:

  • Network/Internet – Make sure you have the right bandwidth, performance and security/protection needed. From determining the right Internet Service Provider to firewall/router selection and all the way to physical cabling and wireless networking.
  • Servers/Cloud — What on-premise servers and/or cloud solutions are appropriate for managing your business? What is the best approach to securely share data?
  • Workstations — What workstations or laptops are the right fit for you and what is the right platform (Mac or Windows)?
  • Mobility — Do you need tablet or smartphone technology? Which make and models are the best fits? How should you manage these devices? What is needed to provide remote access?
  • Backups & Business Continuity — How should you protect your data? What is needed to maintain business uptime in the event of a critical system failure or disaster?
  • Groupware Solutions — Email, shared calendars, contacts, tasks and notes. Should this be an on-premise system or a cloud-based solution? What platforms for workstations (Mac and Windows) and mobile devices need to be supported? Is a specialized CRM needed?
  • Accounting Systems — At the core of every small business is managing financial matters. What is the right accounting solution? What level of integration with other systems is needed?
  • Telephony — Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephony solutions—both externally hosted or on-premise solutions.
  • Conference & Collaboration — Office and remote worker/mobile collaboration tools to help keep your team and/or your customers connected.
  • AV Solutions — Conference and training room solutions that tie in audio and video technologies. Entertainment components and integration. Digital music distribution solutions that provide easy control of music throughout your home or office space.
  • Vertical Line of Business Solutions — Are there special applications that are unique to your business? Are you in a creative line of business such as graphic design, publishing, marketing or photography where Digital Asset Management (DAM), font management, color management or document management is needed? Are you in a retail line of business where POS solutions are needed? What about legal,real estate, or insurance? Many small businesses have unique vertical line of business needs/requirements.

CTSi is a top-to-bottom small business technology solution provider. Let us know how we can help your small business.