One core aspect of CTSi is that everything we do focuses on the bigger picture for our clients. While we provide technical resources and services, we are first and foremost consultants. We want to understand your organization and business direction, goals, budget and how your technology should support those. We believe that your technology should be a tool for greater success. It shouldn’t be an afterthought. It shouldn’t hold you hostage.

A few areas that CTSi provides Tech Consulting services includes:

  • Assessments – We can help determine where your current technology is at and where you are at risk, where you need to increase efficiencies, where you need to improve security, etc.
  • Tech Strategy – We can help you devise a prioritized technology blueprint that will guide your ongoing IT investment.
  • IT Project Management — We can help manage your IT projects to make sure that the right details are mapped out, appropriate advance planning is completed, the right resources are assigned, proactive communication is performed, adequate testing is implemented, and project success is guaranteed.
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning — CTSi can design and implement a solution to protect you from the unexpected and guarantee that you, your team, your data and your systems are ready.
  • Network Engineering — Whether you need to implement a new network, remodel/expand your physical space or upgrade an existing network, CTSi can help engineer your entire network, including Internet connection, physical cabling, firewall selection and configuration, network switches, wireless network, cellular signal boosting, telephony integration, etc.
  • Mobile Device Management — Whether you use a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach or a company-provided mobile device approach, mobility brings up an entire new range of critical topics that need to be addressed—including how to protect the mobile device itself, protect your organizational data, and project organizationally owned licenses and assets. CTSi can make sure you are able to deploy and manage mobile devices appropriately.

When you need your technology to better support your business, contact CTSi for Tech Consulting services.