What are the business benefits of offering technology training to your staff?

Why is training helpful to your business? That's a good question. Often business owners assume that having an IT partner available to help with projects and to make sure staff systems are working properly is all that is needed for staff to be able to operate smoothly and effectively. While there are clear benefits to an IT resource to address issues as they arise, the ability of staff to "run" freely and efficiently requires more than working systems. Very few jobs today do not rely on technology. If your team is not knowledgable in HOW to do their job effectively, how can they be expected TO SUCCEED? Offering training to your staff increases performance and a return on your investment in a number of ways:

  • Reducing time to adapt and implement new technologies - this benefits both you and your customers.
  • Decreased error and time spent troubleshooting - Your staff know how to accomplish the tasks and aren't required to research, try, fail, fix, or use workarounds.
  • Overall productivity benefits - Staff gain confidence and are able to focus on the task at hand.
  • Greater efficiencies -¬†Generally, your business runs better as staff are equipped to perform tasks and are free to serve customers.
  • Improved morale¬† - Investing in your staff demonstrates your interest in their success. They are more supported and feel appreciated which leads to increased motivation and job satisfaction.
  • Improving the bottom line - These gains have the potential to translate into more sales, better services, and better financial returns for your company.

Likewise, choosing to ignore needed training can have detrimental impacts to your business including lost time, decreased productivity and efficiency, staff becoming frustrated and unhappy, missed deadlines, and business operating disruptions.

Training the staff you have not only ensures your staff are equipped to perform, but it provides you with a competitive edge in your market. This is simply an investment you cannot afford to ignore.

Training Available
  • General Workstation Operation

Sometimes staff need refreshers on basic operations to eliminate bad habits and pick up good ones. We can help by providing general training to ensure your staff know how to perform their regular tasks effectively.

  • Microsoft 365

With growing numbers of companies trusting in Microsoft 365 as the framework for their business, we can support your team by providing basic, introductory training OR more advanced training to help them to make the most out of your daily suite of business tools.

  • Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is a hot topic these days, and many businesses have made the investment to add a CRM solution to their suite of tools, but because of poor implementation and lack of training, this powerful tool which should support sales, marketing, and generally encourage growth becomes cumbersome, outdated, and nothing more than a glorified rolodex. No matter the environment, we are here to help. If processes are lacking, we will work with you to ensure your staff have proper standard operating procedures documented, and our training will inspire confidence that they not only know what is expected, but know how to perform your critical business operations.

  • Phishing Attack Simulations

Not sure what a phishing attack is? Let me recommend this training. The reality is the greatest threat to a business is the threat of the door being opened from the inside. Your staff can unknowingly lay out the welcome mat for bad actors to access whatever they'd like from your business data. It's just sad that the "bad guys" know and exploit this vulnerability, while many of the "good guys" are still unaware of the dangers of untrained staff. This is an important training that will reduce risk for your business.

  • Cybersecurity Training

Similar to phishing attacks, staff can unwittingly execute and share a bug that has the power to cripple your company with ransomeware. Training is important to help in recognizing these threats before they become real problems.

  • Line-Of-Business Apps

As your IT partner, we know your business. We can help to ensure everything that makes you successful and unique works well together. Even if you have specialized tools, we can help to make sure things "talk" the way they should and workflows are in place to maximize your efficiencies, and we'll support you in the process of documenting your standard operating procedures as well. Of course, SOPs are great, but if you staff don't know how to execute on them, how helpful are they really? With our training, we can help you in ensuring everything works AND everyone knows how to do what they need to do.

Additional Resources

CTSi offers a range of downloadable material to help your staff with a range of technological skills that will make them more effective in their work. Let us know if there is something you are looking for, and we'll find what you need.

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