Effective and easy-to-use communications tools are important for every organization and small business. Telephony and conferencing are solutions required for every small business.

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

With the advent of digital networking and the Internet, traditional phone systems and services are being replaced with a newer technology called VoIP. VoIP telephone solutions are much more cost-effective, easy-to-use and flexible than traditional phone systems.

There are typically two approaches to VoIP solutions:

  • On-Premise VoIP — Requires a local VoIP “server” (a computer system running the VoIP software or a rack-mount appliance). You would own the server and purchase a license for the VoIP software along with IP phones.
  • Hosted VoIP — A pay-as-you-go (i.e., monthly fee) approach that uses the Internet to connect a “server” system in the cloud. With hosted VoIP you usually have the option to purchase your own IP phones or rent them as part of your hosted VoIP plan. A Hosted VoIP solution can work well with remote offices and workers that travel a considerable amount of time and need to work from any location.

Video Conferencing

With many small businesses that have remote offices and/or team members that are mobile and traveling frequently, having the ability to quickly meet online as a team is critical to maintain a high level of team collaboration and synergy. Face-to-face video conferencing helps with team productivity and project management.

Video conferencing is also a great way to conduct seminars (webinars), provide team or customer training, and meet with customers or vendors.

A successful video conferencing solution should be easy-to-use, provide good mobile support, and maintain high quality and reliability.

When you are looking for the best solutions to meet your organization or business VoIP and video conferencing needs, contact CTSi.