Get double the work out of your employees while slashing overhead costs, padding your bottom line and securing incredible loyalty from your staff

Sound too good to be true? I assure you it’s not...

There is a fast-growing trend among small and medium-sized businesses that is drastically increasing productivity, cutting costs, and driving more profit to the bottom line. Is it a new management style or marketing trend?

No, it’s telecommuting—which is a $5 word for allowing your staff to work remotely from home or while on the road.

Sure it doesn’t sound very sexy when you first hear it, but when you see the bottom-line impact it has on profits and productivity and when you talk to other business owners who rave about how much money it’s saving them, you’ll start to see what all the excitement is about!


What is Telecommuting and
will it help my business?

Telecommuting is a fancy word for allowing employees to Work-from-Home, in remote offices, or while on the road. While this is not a new concept, recent advancements in secure remote access technology have made it very affordable and easy for even micro-business owners.


Work-from-Home Gameplan:
The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up
a Work-from-Home Solution

If you are the owner of a small or medium-sized business that is thinking about implementing a Work-from-Home program for your employees, or if you want to install a virtual network to enable you and certain key employees and managers to work securely while on the road or from a remote office—DON’T—until you read this eye-opening guide!

Our free report will explain in plain, non-technical terms best practices for setting up remote working solutions for you and your staff, along with important questions you should ask any computer consultant to avoid making the most common and costly mistakes made when setting up a Work-from-Home program.


Critical facts and insider secrets EVERY business owner MUST know before installing a ‘Virtual Network’ to allow employees to work remotely


In this free report, you’ll discover:

  • What "telecommuting" is and why so many small and medium-sized businesses are rapidly implementing Work-from-Home programs.
  • The single most important thing you MUST have in place before starting any Work-from-Home or remote office initiative.
  • How one company saved $11 million after implementing a Work-from-Home program—and how you can implement the same money-saving strategies for your small business.
  • How to get a FREE "Home Office Action Pack" ($99 Value).


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CTSi Has Helped Us Remain On The Cutting Edge

We have worked with CTSi for over 10 years now, and they have been nothing but helpful and flexible, helping us grow. Time is money and when your computers, network, and server structure ends up saving you time, it saves you money. Not only has CTSi helped with finding us hidden savings, but they have also allowed us to maintain a tech presence that few in our area and market can or do. This is very important in our ever increasing on-demand digital world.

Jay Ehrmann IT Director / Production Artist
Boyden & Youngblutt
Fort Wayne IN

We Can Depend On CTSi

In my years of work in the publishing business, both as a remote employee of a large Los Angeles firm and as a private entrepreneur operating out of Northern Indiana, we have learned that we can depend on Creative Technology Solutions Inc. for both short-term troubleshooting and long-term strategies. There’s not a lot of companies about which you can say that sort of thing these days.

Sherman Goldenberg Partner / Publisher
G&G Media Group LLC / RVBusiness
Elkhart IN